Logos are needed in different formats and sizes: Apple touch icons, favicon and much more. And maybe they are needed in several projects.

Wouldn’t it be nice only store the logo one time at one place, all the projects use them and resize it to the needed formats and sizes?

The idea

What would we need:

  • A central place to store the logo in the original size
  • In the projects a configuration which formats and sizes are needed and destination paths to store the resized logos
  • … A magical thing using both to provide the resized logos …

The solution

The central place: GitHub + NPM

A GitHub repository is very nice. It costs nothing, we can track the changes and we can easily get the logo into all projects with NPM.

The configuration: JSON

A JSON file is perfect to store the configuration which formats and sizes we need in the project and with which paths the resized logos should be stored:

    "source": "node_modules/dragonprojects-logo/logo.png",
    "path": "www/",
    "destinations": [
      { "path": "img/apple-touch-icon/ipad.png", "width": 76 },
      { "path": "img/apple-touch-icon/ipad-retina.png", "width": 152 },
      { "path": "img/apple-touch-icon/iphone.png", "width": 60 },
      { "path": "img/apple-touch-icon/iphone-retina.png", "width": 120 },
      { "path": "favicon.ico", "width": 32 }

The magical thing: dlogos

A small NPM package which use the logo and the configuration and resize with imagemagick the logo into all formats and sizes to store them in the defined paths.

  "scripts": {
    "postinstall": "dlogos"
  "dependencies": {
    "dlogos": "^1.1.0",
    "dragonprojects-logo": "^1.0.0"

Extra: QR Codes

With dqrcodes” the same concept works also for automatically generating QR Code Images. For example the QR Codes of http://dscores.de.

    "path": "www/img/dqwixx/apps-qrcode.png",
    "url": "http://build.phonegap.com/apps/1944299/install"
    "path": "www/img/dqwixx/www-qrcode.png",
    "url": "http://dqwixx.dscores.de"


So with the logo stored in a GitHub repository, the dlogos.json configure the needed formats and sizes and the dlogos package we realized our wish.