Having periodically posts without much effort is easy to reach with the WordPress API. I will describe here what’s the use case and which solution I use.

The problem of scheduled publishing

WordPress already have a feature for automatic publish posts in the future. But scheduling has a great disadvantage: I must define the date manually in every post. If a new post is finished I must show when the last post will be published and schedule the finished days after that. If I want to publish spontaneously a post I have more posts in the time or must reschedule all posts with new dates.

Flexible periodically publishing

But what I want is:

  • I will write posts and if they are finished and can be published I want to add them into a pipeline or spontaneously publish
  • If I don’t publish a post for days the next post in the pipeline should automatic published

The solution is simple reachable with the WordPress API. A script running per CronJob check the date of the last published post and publish the next in the pipeline if its needed. The pipeline are all posts with a specific status (e.g. ”pending”).

The CronScript for this is available on GitHub: https://github.com/dragonprojects/wordpress-autopublish


With this simple CronScript its possible to write posts without thinking about the publishing and have always an up to date blog.